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Possible New Antibiotic in Fight Against Gonorrhoea

Antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea should be worrying you now

The 21st century has just begun, but so far, one of the main threats to global health is the rising numbers of antibiotic resistance observed in a wide variety of microorganisms. Antibiotics, once a monumental breakthrough in medicine, are gradually being put on check. Bacteria are evolving, just as all living creatures do, and are adapting to these new human inventions; they are fighting back. They are becoming able to resist a wide variety of antibiotics we have produced, which are therefore losing their effect on them. So our task today is to develop new ways to fight these infections, be it alternative antibiotics or whole new therapeutic and preventive approaches.

There are many factors for the development of antibiotic resistance. Natural evolution of microorganisms is one of them, but also the overuse and misuse of antibiotics, with many people self medicating or taking pills in wrong doses, are contributing to this problem. For this reason, it is fundamental to undestand this process and take all measures necessary to reduce the worldwide spreading of many antibiotic resistant infections, such as gonorrhoea. Read More...

Obesity and depression

The prices of obesity

Obesity is one of the major epidemics in 21st century's first world. The percentages of obesity have increased over the past few decades at an alarming rate, and even if there are some cultural and economical changes aimed at finghting and finally defeating this epidemic, it doesn't seem to be going to happen soon. Obesity leads to a large number of health problems, some of which can threaten your life. 

Among the most common health complications of obesity, there is an increased risk of coronary disease and type II diabetes. Also, the excess of weight the body carries puts extra stress on our joints and bones, damaging our tissues and causing pain and injury. However, among the large number of health issues linked to obesity, it is our intent to spotlight in this article its strong correlation to another one of our main epidemics that seems to affect up to one third of the population. This mental condition is depression, and is one of the major concerns of psychiatrists and psychologists all around the world.


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  • Possible New Antibiotic in Fight Against Gonorrhoea
  • Obesity and depression

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